I am an interior designer and artist with over 25 years experience in domestic and commercial interiors. I have completed many projects both on the design side and hands on onsite work. I started many years ago producing my designs and visuals by hand on a large drafting board, Nowadays I use one of the best CAD programmes on my office computer and the visuals are now more important than the layout plan. They are now so realistic you can feel like you are in the room. Photorealistic visualisation is a highly effective way of checking out a design before any commitment is made. Any changes that you might require can be easily accomplished without incurring huge expense. You can see the interior as it might look when finished and see what difference a colour change or moving a unit might make, before you have even engaged the contractor and started to pay for the works!

If you prefer an online service we can liaise through email based on your dimensions and ideas/wishes.

Operating entirely independently of suppliers or contractors I will give unbiased advice on your project.


You can contact me via email at any time or by phone during normal office hours, if I am not in you can leave a message (yes I know they are awful things !!) and I will call you back. I can work off architects plans or your dimensioned drawings (preferably with accompanying photos and a brief). I do offer a full on site measuring and consultation service ( preferably within Cornwall, although I will travel further with the appropriate expenses paid). This would entail at least one site visit for measurement and checking the brief, and probably a further visit for presentation of the visuals and discussions regarding changes. I can, on the other hand, work entirely online and can email designs to the client on payment of my fee. I operate entirely independently of suppliers or contractors and will therefore give you unbiased, professional advice on your project, although I would be happy to recommend them if necessary.